Useful Links for Authors & Artists

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Resources for Self-Pubishing Authors:


Resources for Artists:

  • Sell Your Original Art Online:
    • – Upload your design and pick the products you want to sell (with your artwork on it). Set up you store, and they do the rest – print, package, and ship your products. They send you a check. Incredible!
    • – Affordable and easy to set-up online store for your original artwork and hand-crafted items. Lots of traffic. Perfect for artists and crafts people.
    • – Upload your art to this online gallery. Fine art, drawings, etc. Commission free!
  • Have Someone Else Sell Your Art For You:
  • Make Prints of Your Art & Sell Your Prints:
    • Artists Print Services – Need high-quality prints of your fine art for resell… printed on custom made archival paper. Keep all of your original art –because it will be worth more when you are famous– and just sell your artist prints (over and over again!)

Useful Links for Authors and Artists by Elizabeth Berg