The Power of Intention

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The days of creating are sacred to me..
Being true to the person I have come to be is essential in my self expression.
Apprehending an instant in time with a camera is a golden moment. It takes a kind of hyper vigilance.
Being sensitive to life is precious.
To me intention has an energetic power when it is taken into action, a living energy that ignites the senses.
The power behind a work is the power of intention. Whether it be as a full vision, or just an atmosphere or a glimmer that comes in and out of focus, intention is key.
There is a time to fill and time to be filled. Stay in your own sense of who you are and your present state..honor the time of filling. Regroup and draw upon the beautiful, the higher expressions. Listen to elegance in its variety. Bring the you that you have become from the filling time.
We are making the world we live in by everything we do. Make it all art.

Make everything you do art!
-Elizabeth Berg


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Hello, I'm Elizabeth Berg, illustrator, artist, and art teacher. I make custom illustrations --and use several different art styles-- to make your project stand out. I also teach fine art classes for adults and children.