the gift of resiliance,through self acceptance

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Could life be sweeter then those precious times when we are taken out of the ordinary, and offer our hearts a chance to feel deeply.

A chance to express something long held silent and private. What we share in artistic words and brush stroke comes from a very private place. It is particularly courageous for all artists, authors,dancers, singers who “dare” to go public and bare of the soul. I heard a singing coach say to a young singer, “It is much more important to feel the music’s story and share the depth of your feelings then to sing the note perfectly”.

Most people find it very easy to advise. Less easy to actually do the work, even less easy to go public with it. There is a critic on every corner. Good advice is very useful when offered in the context of student teacher it can be provided as a turn on the road, or a grand perspective, something that the student may not have not considered. However when it blocks or delays our expression with self doubt, well you must be the judge of that, you be the last word.

I would like to suggest to the painters to finish the work, and start another. You can work with the same idea or image and paint it 3 or 4 times. Each time you’ll be delighted with the differences. Better, best, or just different.

As we learn to value what comes out of us more we can discover that there is a buoyancy in our souls a resilience that may be imparted into our work.

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