Testimonials for Artist Elizabeth Berg

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Some Kind Words From My Friends

  • Elizabeth Berg is a fantastic person and professional to work with. Not only is she wonderfully talented, she listens to her clients and works with them. It was such a pleasure to create Sir Stan the Bogeyman with her.

    Our meetings were creative joy each and every time. Elizabeth helped me take Sir Stan The Bogeyman to places I would have never thought of. Her attention to detail is exceptional and her guidance invaluable.

    –Stacie Morrell, Author, Sir Stan The Bogeyman

  • Working with Elizabeth Berg was a complete delight. Searching for an illustrator for my children’s Christmas book entitled: Joe’s Little Christmas, I acted on my publisher’s suggestion and called Elizabeth. It took one conversation to decide that Elizabeth would be my illustrator.

    Elizabeth displayed her professional approach throughout the project. She accurately interpreted my description of each illustration. Over several phone calls, a friendly collaboration developed which allowed for much give and take. She graciously accepted any criticisms, and agreed to any of my demands. Elizabeth’s sixth sense of knowing what I wanted allowed her to offer excellent suggestions, and coupled with her professional eye and artistic expression, she enhanced each illustration.

    By ensuring colors, objects and features remained constant in applicable illustrations; Elizabeth’s attention to detail was consistent throughout. Her vision and talent to add objects and style improved the images. Elizabeth’s displayed her skill by capturing the emotion in each facial expression and by using rich vibrant colors; she magnificently lent depth to each illustration beyond my imagination!

    In short, Elizabeth fulfilled my objective to have the illustrations tell the story without the text. She was such fun to work with on the project, I may write a sequel just to work with her again.

    –James F. Conroy, Author, Joe’s Little Christmas

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Elizabeth Berg for the beautiful artwork that she created for my most recent book entitled: Regretland.

    Elizabeth’s artwork made every chapter come alive. Readers all over the world have expressed praise for the artwork in the book. They enjoyed how she visually gave life to the main character, Joe! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented artist.

    Regretland has won two National Awards last year in spirituality and self-help and I know it could not have been possible without the team effort and amazing talent of Elizabeth Berg!

    –Adrienne Golday, Golday House Books, www.GoldayHouse.com

  • Well, I just love the orchid mural Elizabeth Berg created for my bedroom. Everyone who sees it just loves it. It’s embracing, spiritual and peaceful, something I sleep under everynight.

    –Michelle Phillips, Singer from the musical group Mommas and the Papas

  • We first met Elizabeth Berg through the UASRA children’s art classes as my children’s art teacher. I was so impressed with her patience in teaching a variety of ages and levels of artistic ability. For her kind and gentle manner my children requested her for private art lessons.

    Now I have come to appreciate her even more. First, she is an excellent artist with a vast amount of experience using many media. Second, she is a well-established illustrator with many new projects; currently she is being sought after to work on a calendar featuring art from her students. Finally, at her lessons, Elizabeth provides a serene and encouraging environment for my children to flourish and expand their minds.

    I am deeply grateful to the UASRA for having her instruct art classes, thus giving us the opportunity to have made her acquaintance.

    –Delphine Lee

  • Several years ago Elizabeth Berg walked into my Wellness Center… and I give her a tour of our facility. When we entered the massage room, she told me that she would like to do a mural for the walls.

    I felt a wonderful loving energy from Elizabeth and I agreed. In a matter of a few hours I had a mural of Archangel Michael which was breathtaking! This led to other murals of AA Ariel, Buddha, and Quan Yin.

    Ever since these murals were finished… the energy of the room has increased a thousandfold. Most clients gasp in amazement when entering the room for the first time. My healings have become much more powerful since these beautiful works of art were painted.

    Elizabeth has been blessed with a gift that she lovingly shares with us all.

    –Jim Avedikian

  • Elizabeth Berg has provided very fine artistic and design work to meet our needs. She created a beautiful sketch which we used on the front cover of our two music books. She has also completely designed and formatted the brochure we use for promoting our business. It consists of photos, sketches and text.

    We are pleased to be working with Elizabeth and enjoy the creative work she brings us.

    –Helena & Mark Greathouse

  • Elizabeth Berg is a warm, encouraging instructor whose patient personality makes her teaching suitable for both children and adults.

    Elizabeth is able to take the student from where he/she is, and guide him to where he wants to be, all the time basing skill development on the fundamentals. It is clear she has a solid background in draftsmanship and art history, and the student benefits from this as well.

    A pleasant and exciting experience!

    –Linda Baxter, Art Student

  • Dear Elizabeth, Thanks again for everything. The Table of Contents, the Indians, and the dancing ladies are beautiful. The children will have happy dreams!

    –Sue Paz, Author, Spanish Sing-along Coloring Book and CD


    I want thank everyone for sharing these kind words and comments about me and my work. It was my pleasure working with you.

    Elizabeth Berg
    Make everything you do an ART,
    Elizabeth Berg