some reasons to work large or small

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Recently I purchased some multi-colored card stock 3″x 3″. I find that I can be charged up about working with a theme for a while using that size. If I am working with a Chinese brush art style the smaller sheets give me a chance to “pracice and perfect”. Its particularly delicious to work with light ink on a dark paper.
I love to create little portraits on this size. Its just so much more wonderful to work on color paper instead of white. I can stay focused on my work for a very long time filling that size fairly quickly.I particularly enjoy the square format.

When it comes to larger pieces, I have to admit, its a matter of relativity. Whatever you are use to working with ..when you go larger it can be thrilling. Lately Im enjoying the space and filling it sparingly. I really prefer working on a color or a spontainiously painted background then letting it sit for a day or two, turning the canvas until the story emerges and Im ready to paint it.

Best wishes to all artists and those who love the arts!

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