Mural Projects

Mural Project: Orchids for Michelle Phillips

Client: Michelle Phillips

Orchids for Michelle PhillipsMichelle Phillips, singer from the legendary Mommas and the Papas, lives near my father. One day as she was out walking her little pup, and my good Dad said, “Hey Michelle, you have to meet my daughter, she’s a painter”.

Michelle is a gracious woman, very talented and kind, and she loves cymbidiums (orchids). She invited me to her charming home. We looked at the space where she wanted to have orchids painted. It was her bedroom, where her bed was set at an angle in the corner in her room. She asked me to paint the corner walls behind her bed.

I decided that in order for there to be no distortion in the image I needed to compensate for the angle of the walls by stretching the orchids ever so slightly. This technique worked out well.

Michelle Phillips’ painted mural made it onto the Los Angeles Times’ cover page for the Entertainment Section with her friend Nancy Sinatra. What fun!

  • Well, I just love the orchid mural Elizabeth Berg created for my bedroom. Everyone who sees it just loves it. It's embracing, spiritual and peaceful, something I sleep under everynight.

    –Michelle Phillips,
    Singer from the musical group Mommas and the Papas


Mural Project: Angels for A Wellness Clinic

Client: Jim Avedikian

Angel ArielJim Avedikian has a healing center in Pasadena, California, Phoenix Wellness Center.

I was asked if I would help him transform a rather normal room into a healing space. He wanted me to paint angels, especially Archangel Michael.

First I put a starry ceiling in the room, then I painted Jim swimming with the dolphins, and I added almost life-sized angels to the walls. The room became a very peace filled space. A very transformational energy filled the room.

It was a gloriously delightful task.




  • Several years ago Elizabeth Berg walked into my Wellness Center and I gave her a a tour of our facility. When we entered the massage room, she told me that she would like to do a mural for the walls. I felt a wonderful loving energy from Elizabeth and I agreed. In a matter of a few hours I had a mural of Archangel Michael which was breathtaking! This led to other murals of A A Ariel, Buddha, and Quan Yin. Ever since these murals were finished the energy of the room has increased a thousandfold. Most clients gasp in amazement when entering the room for the first time. My healings have become much more powerful since these beautiful works of art were painted. Elizabeth has bee blessed with a gift that she lovingly shares with us all."

    –Jim Avedikian



Mural Project: Mediation Room, Bedroom and Bath

Client: Gail Hydemann

Baby Mermaid holding FishGail Hydemann is a voice-over artist. She gave me free reign to paint her mediation room, bedroom, and bath. She picked the color for the walls and I designed each room’s mural theme and images.

I used an ancient Greek goddess and fantasy theme for her quiet spaces. I filled the upper portion of the walls of the mediation room with fantasy jars of love and peace. I played with happily swimming dolphins, fairies appear above your head, and gentle flute players envelope the doorways in peace.

The closet area was embellished with a confident goddess in repose. Over her bed I chose a Pre-Raphaelite style couple in embrace. The space has some diversity of styles which blended well, as a garden sanctuary with a profusion of beautiful flowers.



2 Swimming Dolphines

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Mural Projects by Elizabeth Berg