Character Creation Project

Character Creation Project: Elemental Babies

The process of development of a character for a book or a product is one of my very favorite things. My imagination is very active and I have a huge collection of possibilities that I am able to see in my mind’s eye. The mental activity of combining those elements into original combinations becomes one of the most personally entertaining parts of my creative illustration work.

I was very happy when my very creative friend, Sara Quick, asked me to produce several characters for her whimsically themed children’s book.

She wanted original characters that represented abilities and forces of nature. We decided to collaborate on the project and I created the 18 Elemental Babies shown below. Each of these different characters represent intuitive potentials and the natural elements of water, earth, air, and fire.

This project is still being brought to completion. I am totally enjoying the process of bringing these little art babies to life for her book.

Elemental Babies Banner

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