living life well, is an ART

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Artists are visual philosophers..Ive found that the best way to be happy with life is to learn to be happy with everything we already have. Unhappiness and disatisfaction are not necessarily the prerequisite for manifesting inspired art. Can we finally put to rest, the terms, “Suffer for your art”, and, “The starving artist.”.

Living life well, is an ART.
Thats why I end all of my messages with,”Make everything you do ART.” Being good at it means loving whatever you have as often you can. For me, loving, means an increasing, growing, living appreciation..expressed in a thousand amazing ways.

Time for a new perspective on the artist.

Make everything you do ART
Elizabeth Berg


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Hello, I'm Elizabeth Berg, illustrator, artist, and art teacher. I make custom illustrations --and use several different art styles-- to make your project stand out. I also teach fine art classes for adults and children.


  1. Elizabeth  April 27, 2014

    Hello Keshawn..Sometimes the most miraculous is the most obvious. It is possible that the greatest we could imagine our lives being, is just what we are living. Let me clarify, if we cannot imagine ourselves doing the amazing we will never begin. Here is a great statement I just heard today., “If you wait until you think you are ready, you may never begin.”
    My sweet father is a performer, violin. He told me that nerves before a performance is very good. It shows you care. It also makes you vigilant about what you want to remember. I have noticed that the fear of beginning, goes away.. mostly, once you take that ..second step. Keep stepping forward. Elizabeth