Introducing my New Portfolio Preview Page

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Imagine… I  stand on a stage before you, the huge curtains behind me are luminous. I  present the latest in virtual carousel rides:  My New Portfolio Preview Page, a dazzling changing frame of a wide variety of  my art work. The curtains of light seem to pool as a flat screen, and there before you, the delightful shifting of image after image, turning and unfolded into the next.

I am thrilled to announce my New Portfolio Preview Page, a virtual carousel ride of art work.

Also in process, I will soon have a Mobil Version of my site that should work well for smart phones and other mobile devices. As soon as it is finished,  you can access my site,, from your cell phone for a preview-plethora of art work to begin to imagine the possibilities; image after image of illustrations in many different styles, fine art, mural examples, sculpture and other select works. Artwise images for your consideration with an easy way to call me for artistic project solutions… Coming Soon!!!    I hope you find it as delightful as I do.

My web team is brilliant and all the credit goes to them. Thank you guys. 

I’ll be so happy to talk with you about your artistic visions made manifest.

Make everything you do an ART,
Elizabeth Berg 


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Hello, I'm Elizabeth Berg, illustrator, artist, and art teacher. I make custom illustrations --and use several different art styles-- to make your project stand out. I also teach fine art classes for adults and children.