About Me

“There is a universal language that crosses all cultural borders. Held within images are feelings, emotions that evoke, that prove our unity.” –Elizabeth Berg


I grew up in a house filled with antique books and furniture. My mother was the great collector, my father a violinist.

Elizabeth BergMy first childhood delight was to pour through the old illustrations, full of life and history and wonder. Those ancient illustrations left a most powerful impression upon me as a child. They gave me an insatiable desire to make art and create beautiful images.

I won the first of several awards at age ten. I was recognized as a prodigy at about eleven years old and accepted into Chiounard Art School in California, as a ‘special student’. I’ve had several wonderful art teachers. After extensive art history study, I could not be restricted to a single style.

So, for many years I have taken the influence of the illustrators of old — and the art history from many cultures — and developed a number of very diverse expressions and styles of my own.

My work experience is as varied as my art. I have worked as an illustrator for several publications. As a freelance illustrator I have created everything from commercial advertising, package design, children’s book Illustrations, covers, and characters… to corporate logos and everything in-between.

As a visionary my mind provides endless links to endless trails of images and solutions to all manner of manuscript, from imaginative fantasy stories to poems and educational material.

As an artist, I am constantly producing new visions and new styles for myself or for my clients. I especially enjoy translating complex concepts into visual illustrations.

As an art teacher, I have a unique way of working with each of my students, as well as the inexperienced. My wish is to help them to know that art is in all of us and it is easy to access.

I think I am a good communicator. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to help you get to the heart of what you want or need.

Make everything you do an ART,
Elizabeth Berg