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Here is an idea to help you see things differently..artistically speaking.
This iis one of my favorites..

Select a photograph, black and white. notice the darkest areas and the lightest areas first. See if you can distingush the shape of the darkest area, as if they were continents. Take a photo copy of the image, alter it to just the two, darkest and lightest. Take out all of the grey. Now draw the largest of the darkest shapes on a piece of paper. Instead of seeing them as a picture of something, see it as continents next to and connected to continents.. After you do this a few times maybe ten times. Yiou will have set a pattern recognition skill in your mind that will help you draw anything.
Instead of lines that represent a rounded surface, you are using the dakest and lightest to actually create the idea of form. Try this on black paper using the lightest area to create the form. White pencil will work really well for this exercise.

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