Illustration Overview

If you’re looking for an illustrator to make your project standout -I know I can help you.

Read the pages in this section to discover how illustrators, like me, and clients, like you, work together to create brilliant works of art.

  • First we’ll look at the whole picture and how the creative process comes together on the “Illustration Projects” page.
  • On the “How I Work With You” page you’ll get all the details – everything from our meetings, to how I price your project, and even copyright info.
  • The “How I Do It” page shows the 4-step process I use to create a simple character for a book.
  • I’ll also give you a sneak peak at my 6 mini-portfolios on my “Online Portfolio Preview” page.

In the next section called – Online Portfolio – you can look at my 6 mini-portfolios and see several different art styles I use.

Elizabeth Berg
Make everything you do an ART,
Elizabeth Berg