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Hello fellow artists,

I’d like to share my technique for creating a hand-colored drawing of a character for a client. I like to rough out the image with several first sketches. I prefer a soft lead pencil because of the fluidity in the line. I begin with my envisioned idea, then use basic shapes to rough out the proportions on the paper.

Many artists get themselves discouraged by starting in on the detail too soon. Try to enjoy the process, after all that’s why you make art isn’t it?

I use a light table to redraw the image several times until I have brought it up to a point where I’m ready to ink it in. I like using very fine lines at first, then redraw with heavier lines to emphasize the forms.

After that I’m ready to lay a soft wash of a medium tone over the areas that are shadowed. Now the form is much more apparent.

Last I blend my color palatte and begin a soft semi transparent to opaque layer of color on the image, using a very fine brush. Your original art can be drawn slightly enlarged, then reproduced to fit your format.

More information about how to draw a character (including larger pictures) is on my site… click to see How I Do It.  There you will find four easy-to-follow steps to drawing and painting your own images.

I do hope you have picked up a tip or two that will help you.

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Hello, I'm Elizabeth Berg, illustrator, artist, and art teacher. I make custom illustrations --and use several different art styles-- to make your project stand out. I also teach fine art classes for adults and children.


  1. Elizabeth  April 27, 2014

    Hello Artist, Irfan, do that blog. I think its a real asset to share your art thoughts, which for me actually turn out to be Life thoughts. Art and living is one great experience. Stay in touch and Id love to know you have begun your blog. Its honest to share not only what I know for me is true but my questions and concerns as well. Its best to be real. We are all practing LIFE. Best wishes Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth  September 8, 2011

    Hello Sara, Here are some ideas Id like to share with you about creating art. Sometimes images and ideas become familar to us, we can find ourselves relying on them for an outlet for our expression, never or rarely challeging ourselves to step out of the comfort zone. Having a “look” that is expected of you outside of your own ideas, lets say with a company you produce art for or a gallery, this kind of sameness and non-challenging situation can become dangerous for a creative mind and heart. It is important for me personally to keep my ears and eyes and mind open to where the current of humanity seems to be reaching to make a path way for insight artistic visions to be realized. It is not at all a mechanical process, but a process of the heart.

  3. Sara  September 1, 2011

    Love your new site… and glad you finally got a blog so we can keep up with what you are doing.
    Your artwork is beautiful (as always) and I love your new portfolio samples.