Getting Your First Project Started


Illustrations, Art Consultations & Pricing

1. Our first meeting is free, to exchange thoughts, possibilities, and potentials for your illustration project. Let’s talk!

2. Once you have decided to proceed I request a $250 retainer fee. This will cover the reading of your manuscript and I will begin working on a clear understanding of your artistic needs.

3. I will prepare a folder and list of questions for you to help us both clarify your goals, intentions, and visions.

Every illustration project is completely different from the next and it will be personally designed to the unique qualities of your artistic product.

4. We will establish a time to meet, by phone or in person, go through the questions, and together we will begin to create a clear outline for your project. I will be ready to answer any questions you may have at that time as well.

5. We will initial each aspect of the agreement for your final product(s) such as, the number of illustrations, and a detailed descriptions for each of the illustrations required.

6. A fee will be set for your illustration project and written agreement signed off, where upon a deposit for 1/2 of the amount set will be collected.

*A Few Important Thoughts:

Time spent listening to a CD or reading the manuscript is calculated into the fee.

*I am respectful of the need to protect your materials. If you so choose, I will sign a nondisclosure agreement with you in order to place an added sense of security to your special materials, manuscripts and ideas.

Illustrations Are Priced With These Considerations

1. Illustration method complexity

2. Time-potentials (your deadline)

3. Number of images within the illustration project

4. Time spent reworking and changing initially agreed upon requests, after two minimal changes

*Note: I am always willing to revise and/or rework your artwork twice per project.

When you need to add a character and/or delete elements, all of which affect the entirety of a work, changes that are beyond what has been mutually established and agreed upon, (initialed) style changes and method are necessary for completing the work to your satisfaction, a price per hour for these changes will be established in advance. I can also work with your project budget, and I’ll let you know what we can do.

Illustrations Copyright Considerations:

Your artwork and illustrations include “Full Copyright” and “Unlimited Use” to you as the legal owner. Once the original art is paid for in full, the illustrations are yours to use freely without copyright consideration of the artist. I will be happy to put that in writing for you.

About Your Illustrations Project:

Let me be your artistic assistant. I want to journey with you. Take me into the world of your story and I will translate that into illustrations for you. Let’s communicate… just give me a call at 971-239-3032.

Elizabeth Berg
Make everything you do an ART,
Elizabeth Berg