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It is especially important for an illustrator to get to know the author… so this blog is for book authors and writers.

Instead of thinking your writing will provide all the information an artist could need to illustrate your book, consider offering something personal about you.

Your writing, of course, is the core of the project. However a very important second is the illustrator’s understanding of your intention. It can be revealed through good conversation, a deeper desire to speak to, for instance, a particular audience from the sometimes less obvious motivation of the writer.

How do artists envision an image? One that reveals the deeper meaning of an author’s work? The very most obvious images may be exactly what the author desires, as with some children’s materials, but not in every case. It may be that good questions on the part of the artist could offer a somewhat deeper clarity, more intended meaning.

Good questions are paramount:

  • What inspired your writing?
  • Is this the first you have written on this subject matter or genre?
  • Who do you hope discovers and enjoys your work?
  • Will your theme work as a series? This question may offer a character style, a branding of sorts that creates a familiarity at a glance for the reader.
  • Was there something in your own personal life that has contributed to this theme, the emotion of the work, imagery of your story?

You may be asked about the variety of possibilities with art on the pages, layout, framing the writing with art and placement of your words.

I hope these ideas and questions from the artist’s view point helps you with your work. If you’d like to read more about working with an illustrator, check out my Book Project’s page for actual case studies.

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