Web Site Credits:

“It takes a village”… and I’d like to offer my heart felt thanks to those who helped make this website possible. –Elizabeth Berg


Thank You From My Heart

1. To my beloved Art Students, many who have chosen to stay long past the first 4 lessons and grow with me in their passion for art. Thank you!

2. To my Clients from all walks of life, with every diverse project, whether in manuscript or idea, thank you for entrusting me with your vision. Thank you all!

3. Gail Watson, owner of Creative Print Services, for encouraging me with beautiful prints of my art work. And for also converting my hand drawn illustrations and paintings into different digital formats for this site and for producing all the CD’s for my clients… Thank you!

4. Darci VandenHoek, Photographer and owner of Kazuri Images, for your help creating high quality photographs of my most recent art exhibit for my Art Exhibition’s page. Great job. Thank you!

5. Sara Quick, my Webmaster, mentor and Web site designer for over a decade, for my making my Web site user-friendly and getting all my different styles of artwork set up in an organized and beautiful way (a huge task). Best of all, the art is easy to find and quick-loading, too. Masterfully done! Thank you!

6. Stan Heihn, network engineer, for helping me with the Web site network configuration and custom Cu3er slider setup for my Online Portfolio Preview page. Thank you!

7. Liz Luyben at WPConfig.com for help with my Word Press back-end programming and for creating custom art frame sizes that work for my illustrations. Thank you!

8. Audre Hill at WritersGreen.com, the best PR person in the world, who took my illustrations, words, ideas and turned them into News. Thank you!

9. Patricia and Tom Feller, owners of Artisanal Wine Cellars, for their graciousness of allowing me to exhibit my paintings in their new Artisanal Wine Tasting Room storefront. Thank you!

Make everything you do an ART,
Elizabeth Berg