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Elizabeth Berg Art Classes

Private Art Classes • Individual and Small Groups • Adults and Children

My Private Art Classes are available in Newberg, Oregon. I offer several types of classes to help you discover new ways to express your own inner artist. An average art class lasts from 1 to 2 hours… in a peaceful, learning environment.

– Art Fundamentals Class:

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Art Classes for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Students
Let me help you reach and attain artistic skill levels of expression… where terms like breakthrough are used! Each new student is presented with a program that fits their level of understanding and ability. This kind of customized guidance brings out very best in each individual, even those with little or no art experience.

Most art mediums, styles, and techniques are offered.

– Fine Arts Class:

• Painting • Drawing • Sculpting • Collage
People of all ages enjoy the simple and sometimes complex discoveries of fine arts classes. Learn to go beyond what you thought you were capable of with formulas that work for every age, interest level, and ability. I’ll show you how much fun it is to make fine art when you allow yourself to play. Discover how to use the artist’s tools and techniques you need to succeed. Learn how to promote yourself and sell your fine works of art.

– Custom Greeting Cards Class:

Let me help you develop your own custom greeting cards.
Perhaps you have created some poems or comical ideas that you would like to see as a series of marketable products. Let’s talk about your vision.

– Art Class for Artists who are Authors:

This class is for artist/authors who wish to enhance their effectiveness.
I will help you create your own illustrations, complete a book project, or develop your own products. Make your own book cover artwork, chapter headers, and illustrations, whether sketched with a pen or rendered with a brush.

Bring your own children’s book, story, or poetry to class and design your own characters and illustrations. Together we will create a art style that best suits the tenor of your work. I look forward to helping you express what you have imagined for your children’s stories and poetry.

– Graphics Class for Teachers, Educators & Home School Instructors:

Dynamic graphics are at the heart of good teaching and inspirational materials.
Simple images can help your students “learn without limits”. Proper visuals will enhance and illuminate your ideas, themes, and concepts. You’ll discover how to inspire and motivate your students with your own imagery.

Senior painting class

Art Class Pricing & Class Scheduling:

Call to arrange a schedule that works for your lifestyle. You can take one class or schedule as many as you need to complete a level of understanding for your artistic goals.

– Fee is contingent upon your needs as a student.
– Series classes are encouraged to secure your class time on the calendar.

To Begin Art Classes: Contact me at 971-239-3032. Leave all pertinant information and I will return your call.

Kind Comments About Elizabeth Berg’s Art Classes:

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About Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth BergElizabeth Berg has been teaching art for over thirty years. She has taught hundreds of art classes in Texas, California, and Oregon. “I truly enjoy helping others to see how easy it is to be artistically expressive.”

Recognized as an artistic prodigy at eleven years old she was accepted as a ‘gifted student’ into Chiounard Art School in California. From those early years of art training with many wonderful teachers, her unique art education provides a depth of understanding for beginners of all ages.

“I have been an artist all my life. It’s about the way I see things and my need to express some version of it artistically. I believe everyone has the potential to express themselves… and I love helping people of all ages discover their innate artistic talent.”

If you have any questions about my art classes… just call me at 971-239-3032.

Make everything you do an ART,
Elizabeth Berg