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Hello artists and art lovers,

I’d like to tell you about something I learned from one of my youngest students. She is just seven. She taught me that when you don’t know you can’t do something, you might just be able to do it very well.

It was our first class together. From what her mother brought of her art I could see a definite confidence in her line. She had a sure hand, even when she wasn’t sure how to draw something, she carried a sense of confidence in her brush and pencil line. This gave me a sign to offer her advanced ideas and just see what she might do with it.

I found a panoramic scene of a mountain range, with lighter and lighter mountain ranges that scaled back into the distance. The photograph we used was a monotone, sepia in color. Simplified already for her, I helped her to see the differences in values as the mountains receded. I told her that the mountain range was like music. It was up and down and up a little and down some. We sort of sang the line.

She got it, took off running and completed the panorama feeling like she had visited the location. I am happy to say I learn so much from my students. Dear children, so unlimited.

Make everything you do an Art,

P.S: The art shown above is an Oregon seascapeĀ I recently painted.


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Hello, I'm Elizabeth Berg, illustrator, artist, and art teacher. I make custom illustrations --and use several different art styles-- to make your project stand out. I also teach fine art classes for adults and children.